(Somewhere between epic fail and epic win…)

Why porn stars don’t act in commercials

porn star commercial

Porn stars may have lots of experience in front of the camera, but are they able to not let sex into everything they do? This parody attempt at a yogurt commercial suggests ‘no way’ but I disagree. I think the director represents the tight asses in charge but everyone else on set represents the male […]

Asiana Pilots Ho Lee Fuk


Ho Lee Fuk…. how did these names get past everybody and make it to live TV? How did the news reporter say these names with a straight face? Captain Sum Ting Wong Wi Tu Lo Ho Lee Fuk Bang Ding Ow I guess nowadays they are more like talking parrots, just repeating what they see […]

Epic early American heroes


Showing these works of deviantART of American heroes from SharpWriter in classrooms might spark some student interest in American History. These are seriously badass in my opinion. I’m limited in how many I can hang in my man-cave, but I’m leaning towards either Ben Franklin Acquires Electricity (1752) or Abe Lincoln riding a giant Grizzly […]

Fail Compilation February 2011


An epic fail video compilation from Seekerland. It looks like there’s one of these every few months but really, with all the crazy shit we do on the planet every day there will truly never be an end to epic fails. I could probably sit and watch these epic fail videos around the clock for […]

Epic Tea Party Fail


I’m sure any political party has its share of numbskulls, so don’t take this epic Tea Party fail too personally. It’s just some people bad at English putting forth their angry opinions with some funny protest signs.

Stupid news headlines


Sometimes you just have to wonder why they hired Captain Obvious at the newspaper. I don’t know what is worse, the journalist who wrote these epic fail articles or the editor who approved them. The only places these stupid news headlines belong is the department of redundancy department.